Our Story

Thriving growth in aesthetics industry and ever mounting competition make packaging play significant role in product marketing. Packaging of a product has huge effect to the image of the product itself. In aesthetics industry, image is the most important thing. Producers have advantages by having superior packaging for their products. Products’ and companies’ image are established, customers’ loyalty is increasing, and eventually pointing to higher profitability.
(Read this for some academic reviews on the impact of cosmetic packaging).

DermaPACK provides luxurious cosmetics packaging for premium market segment, and we can be your partner in meeting the needs of excellent looks and quality, based on your target market with continuous innovation and intensive quality supervision.

DermaPACK provides wide range of packaging for creams, lotions, gels, and others according to your business needs. Partnering with reputable Chinese manufacturer, was founded in 1989, has made DermaPack the leading firm in the field. Our factory is counted as one of the best with high-end technology and endorsement of ISO 9001 certifications. About 90% of its products is exported to well-known cosmetics’ brands in various countries across Europe, North America and South East Asia.